Improve your health.


You can change habits

Looking for relief from chronic pain? Do you feel your posture could use improving? You can change habits that may be causing pain or limitations. Lasting improvements in posture and coordination can be made through the development of your own awareness. An Individual Session does this by combining movements and brain plasticity principles. The process wakes up your nervous-system and creates new connections that lead to improved posture and coordination that you can feel right away.

Individual sessions

In order to reach a threshold of improvement that can be integrated into your daily life we recommend a series of individual sessions. The series is amplified by movement lessons you can do at home. Your own participation in the learning process is an empowering element to your improvement.


  • A series is 5-10 sessions within 2-3 weeks.

  • Sessions are 45 minutes long

  • Please wear comfortable clothing, including socks


  • Phone Consultation Assessment - 30 minutes - complimentary

  • Initial Individual Session - 80 minutes - $199

  • Individual Session - 45 minutes - $150

  • NeuroBody Maintenance Program - $199/month
    (2 sessions/month, unused sessions do not roll-over to the next month)

“She listens to me and asks what my goals are — then creates the perfect session that blends and connects them together. I feel incredible — flexible and agile — after we're done.”



Recommended resources

A great way to begin is to read, Move Into Life and Kids Beyond Limits. These books by Anat Baniel describe the principles of brain plasticity and offer suggestions for applying them in your daily life. Read more on the Fitness Myths that Hold you Back, and How to Succeed

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Benefits for adults :

• Pain Relief
• Improved Posture
• Scoliosis Treatment
• Recovery from Injury
• Brain Injury Recovery
• Vitality & Anti-Aging

Clients report:

• Improved flexibility & coordination
• Greatly reduced or no chronic pain
• Improved posture and ease of movement
• Sleeping more soundly
• Return to physical activities

Free consultation

Request a free 30 minute phone consultation with Joanna and find out how NeuroBodyWorks can benefit your health and well-being.

Schedule a session

Initial sessions are 60 minutes. All others are  45 minutes and are held in Joanna's office at 2301 NW Thurman in Portland. Parking available onsite.

“We are built to move.”