Wonder what it's like to study with Anat Baniel?

I thought I'd take this opportunity to describe a bit of what it's like to learn from Anat. At the training in Las Vegas we are in a big conference room with 130 people and her enthusiasm is so contagious it not only reaches but inspires each one. Her movement lessons are surprising and invigorating, and they leave me feeling a new sense of myself. I move in ways I never have before, I feel possibilities that I've never put together. And after a movement lesson I find myself thinking in ways I've never thought before.

For example, I sat down to write this post and, as I've mentioned before, I struggled. The words don't usually flow when I sit down to write, and today was no exception. Throughout the day I wrote a little bit here and there, and in the afternoon I laid down on the floor and did a movement lesson from a video of Anat teaching.

Throughout the lesson I felt all these different, new sensations. (I still feel new sensations each time and I have done these lessons many times.) I felt the middle of my spine moving in a new way. I could envision the specific contours of my vertebrae in that area and how they relate to others in motion. After the lesson I got up and noticed all the new sensations as I stood and walked.

Then I sat down to write. And I remembered trying to explain to someone last night what it's like to study with Anat. That's when the new idea hit me. What if I try talking it out into a recording to see if I have an easier time letting the words flow while I'm talking. I have never thought of that before, I've never tried it before, but doing a movement lesson tonight, shifted things in such a way that I thought to try an entirely new solution.

I'm still not sure if it was a home-run, but the talking sure flowed better than the writing usually does. Moving and learning with Anat feels like she can see the potential in me, so it feels like I'm my best self, which feels fantastic. 

If moving and feeling better and opening yourself to new possibilities sounds exciting, there's a wonderful opportunity for you to study with Anat right here in Portland this summer. I am organizing a one day workshop with Anat at Portland state on Saturday, June 22nd. It's open to all ages and ability levels and the day will include movement lessons and interactive presentations. You can experience first hand how to make use of your brain's plasticity principles in order to relieve pain, improve movement, and maybe even come up with some ideas you've never had before! 

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And here to register for the event.