movement lessons.


Improve flexibility and coordination

Transformational Movement Lessons (TML) are guided movement lessons for people of all ages and abilities. Moving gently and with attention to what you feel, the sequence of movements helps you discover relationship between parts of yourself. The new relationships relate to new pathways in the brain. Changes are usually felt instantaneously, and the way you feel at the end of the session is clearly different from the beginning. The process reveals the lesser used places within yourself, that once integrated contribute to much comfortable and easy movements.

Each lesson is different from all others. This variation insures that your brain continues to get a rich flow of new information that it needs. Each lesson is between 30-55 minutes in length.

These gentle, safe, and mindful movement lessons not only can diminish your existing pain and limitation, but you will also learn how to prevent future pain and limitations. Over time, by continuing to do these lessons, you will be able to participate more successfully in fitness, exercise, dance, or sport programs of your choice — pain-free.

What to expect

We will be guiding you through the TMLs. These lessons are gentle, safe and easy to follow, yet the outcomes can be dramatic. The lessons are developed to move students to their next level of freedom, skill, and self-discovery. By recapturing the freedom of childhood learning, you will learn to bring about miraculous changes in yourself and others.

Each movement lesson centers around a specific function or movement skill - like twisting, bending, balancing, rolling, etc. and the lessons build on one another to bring about profound improvements in flexibility, coordination and also work to heighten self-perception and mental acuity.

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Free consultation

Request a free 30 minute phone consultation with Joanna and find out how NeuroBodyWorks can benefit your health and well-being.

Schedule a session

Initial sessions are 60 minutes. All others are  45 minutes and are held in Joanna's office at 2301 NW Thurman in Portland. Parking available onsite.

“She listens to me and asks what my goals are — then creates the perfect session that blends and connects them together. I feel incredible — flexible and agile — after we're done.”