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The independent professionals listed at graduated from one or more advanced training programs of the Anat Baniel Method of NeuroMovement®, and are specifically trained and certified to work with children. All have active practices serving Children with Special Needs. 

The list is organized alphabetically by nation (and as appropriate by state or province), and finally according to Practitioner last names. Simply scroll down, or use your browser's "Find" function to narrow your search (e.g. by name, country, state, city, partial postal code, or phone area code). 

Some Practitioners may, by private arrangement, travel locally, nationally, or internationally to meet clients. They are indicated by the designation "[travels]", but only their home office is listed here.

Contact any Practitioner directly via his or her listed phone, email, or website. Hovering over names will highlight a red link for any Practitioner with a website, which you may click to open in a separate window.


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