Q. Where Are You Located?

A. My office is located at 2301 NW Thurman St. Suite D on the first floor of the Baxter Building in beautiful NW Portland. 

Q. Where Do I Park?

A. Clients may park for free behind the Baxter Building in any parking spot marked Executive Office Suite Customers

Q. Do You Accept Insurance?

A. While you will need to pay for your treatment at the time of your appointment, I can provide an insurance receipt so you can file for reimbursement with your provider.

A. I graduated from my Feldenkrais training in Berkeley, California (2008). I studied the Anat Baniel Method in San Rafael, California and graduated from the Children's Mastery (2012), Vitality & Anti-Aging (2013), High Performers (2013), and the Basic training (2014). I became a LMT in Oregon in 2016.

Q. What are Joanna's Qualification

A. At first I'll ask you to sit and tell me any information I should be aware of before we begin. Then I might do an initial scan in sitting or standing. I might ask you to do an initial movement or do an initial movement for you, like gently lift an arm or touch your spine. Then I'll ask you to lie down, fully clothed and including socks, on the low table. I may begin at the head and shoulders or at the feet with very gentle movements. Throughout the lesson I may move you or ask you to move yourself. I may ask you to feel and notice different responses within yourself. At the end of the session I'll help you roll up to sit easily. People often feel differences in sitting and standing after a lesson. Some people feel like they're upright but without any effort, taller, lighter, or more clearly supported by their bones. We may spend a few moments integrating the lesson in sitting and standing. 

Q. What Can I Expect During My First Appointment?

A. Feldenkrais is the method developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais to improve movement and functioning. He understood that the brain can change long before brain plasticity was popularized. Scientific research today continues to validate his understanding of the brain as a dynamic, self-organizing system. A great place to learn more about Dr. Feldenkrais is here: FeldenkraisMethod.com

Q. What is Feldenkrais?

A. Anat Baniel was a student and colleague of Dr. Feldenkrais, and ABM is her evolution of Dr. Feldenkrais' work. ABM improves movement and skill as well as functioning. More can be found here: AnatBanielMethod.com

Q. What is ABM

A. While they both come from the same seed, ABM comes from Anat's understanding of Dr. Feldenkrais' work. It is my feeling, having been a student of both a Feldenkrais training and then an ABM training, that Anat understands and teaches his work most completely and effectively.

Q. How are Feldenkrais and ABM different?

A. I usually recommend a series of sessions. A series is often 6-10 sessions within a short amount of time, often 2 weeks, and allows you to reach a threshold of improvement that can subsequently be assimilated and built on in daily life. The next series begins when you're ready for the next step of information and improvement.

Q. For Best Results, What do You Recommend?

A. Individual sessions cost $100 apiece. You can also purchase a series of 5 sessions for $95 apiece or a series of 10 sessions for $85 apiece. 

Q. How Much is the Investment?